Full truckload tranportation

We have the means and know the way

Imagine it doesn't matter where in Europe you have your cargo and where in Europe you want your cargo to go. It also doesn't matter if your cargo needs to be temperature controlled or transported in a tarp truck. Just think, it doesn't matter if you have a transport in peak season or just sometime in the year. It also doesn't matter if your cargo is traveling in one of our Unterer vehicles or with one of our contractors.


From the Czech Republic to Holland, from Belgium to Poland or from Italy to Scandinavia - whatever your destination, we already know the way. Unterer moves 126,000 loads a year in both temperature-controlled and tarp operations.


And since we have been doing nothing but tailoring our services to your needs for half a century, you can rest assured. No matter what you entrust to us, we will take care of you and your product. With sensitivity and creativity, with commitment and reliability.


The ability to turn your ideas into action is the secret of our success.

Your cargo is your most important asset. We know that. That's why we are committed every day to ensuring that sensitive goods reach their destination throughout Europe without any loss of quality.

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