We drive movement

Continuity, innovation and integrity are no contradictions in our eyes, rather the characteristics that generate added value for you. That is what makes us special and we are proud of that.


The quality of a service provider is based on the motivation and enthusiasm of every single employee. For us, it is always people first, as they are the greatest assets we have to fulfil your needs.


As a company, we focus on our core competences. In doing so, we have ensured both the economic stability and profitability of the company for more than half a century.

Competence and experience create movement.

Ready for the future with knowledge from the past. Would you like to learn more about our history? With pleasure.

Facts . Figures . Data

Unterer Logistics employs over 160 employees at 6 sites. The large fleet of 740 vehicles, together with our contractors, all contribute towards fulfilling your expectations and optimising your processes.

More than 17.500 dispatches per month and a logistic turnover of more than 200 million euro speak for themselves. We know, what we are doing.

And yet – despite the many figures, the most impressive factor is our people. Our employees, with their profound knowledge and creativity, are the ones, who fulfil your wishes thoroughly and with ingenuity. Our employees are our company’s driving force.

Top-notch performance is worth a lot, but not everything. We compliment performance with something equally important: premium service. A dedicated contact person, along with 24/7 accessibility, is a luxury we are willing to indulge.

And yet - despite many numbers, the most impressive factor is the person.

The numbers speak for themselves

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We think there is no substitute for personal contact with you. 

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