Transport Fleet

Our fleet takes you further

There are situations, in which one probably only counts on oneself. There are challenges in which being alone is not the final solution. There are many requirements which demand having everything under control at all times. There are goals which can only be achieved by stepping beyond limits.

And there are goods that are best kept where their demands are taken seriously. That's why we value our standards. Whether with Unterer vehicles, contractors or on the charter market.

We love the best. Every journey represents the best possible at that time.

Fleet standards

We are impressed by character.

GPS monitoring of location and temperature

You don't have to know exactly where your cargo is. But you can. GPS monitoring of location and temperature gives you and us absolute flexibility while at the same time ensuring the closest following of schedules - a benefit not to be underestimated.  

Use throughout Europe

The ability to turn your ideas into action is the secret of our success.

From the Czech Republic to Holland, from Belgium to Poland or from Italy to Scandinavia - whatever your destination, we already know the way.

Unterer moves 155,000 loads a year in both temperature-controlled and tarp operations.

It is our top priority to provide the loading space guaranteed by Unterer throughout the entire year, as you need it, regardless of seasonalities. The basis for this is the intelligent combination between Unterer's large fleet of 585 vehicles and the contracting companies.

Express rides

We tap potential where it is not expected. If you want to be successful, you have to keep moving. And often go one step further. Our goal is your enthusiasm. With our Unterer fleet and 2-man crew, we realize the shortest transit times and always have everything under control. Online via our GPS monitoring. If time is money for you, you are right with us.

Strengths profile

permanent contacts

24 hours availability 7 days a week

270 trucks with 2-man crews in daily operation throughout Europe

Status, location and temperature are available online at any time
all drivers and vehicles have ADR equipment

fastest ways - express freight

Request callback

We think there is no substitute for personal contact with you. 

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