Josef Unterer

Josef Unterer is owner of the Unterer Group and managing director of Unterer Beteiligungs GmbH.

„Being a family-owned company we feel dedicated to our employees and their personal development Everything we do is lead by fairness, mete and trust. To accomplish our goals we work on ourselves and on our company. We keep the promises we make and we do not promise anything we ca not keep.“

Rainer Linke

Rainer Linke has been the managing director of Unterer GmbH since 2010, having been responsible for all the company’s activities since relocating to the Kundl-based Headquarters.  

„Having the guts to rethink and question the things that have existed for quite some time, is crucial to our company’s success. However, there is one thing which has been true for over 50 years: Ideas and performance spring from one place only: From within the heads of our employees. We also have to be able to look into our customers‘ heads, and we have to be able to already know the things our customers won’t be able to know tomorrow. But will surely need the day after tomorrow. We are constantly building our company’s success based on this, ensuring a future for our company – unconditionally and continually.”

Wjatscheslaw Minailow

Wjatscheslaw Minailow has been managing director of the Operation Center Munich and Wroclaw since 2013

„Our acting is determined by what we are enthusiastic for. Our company is geared to offer every employee the opportunity to develop their own ideas and offer them the opportunity to implement them. They just have to develop and we make sure that they get a healthy environment to concentrate on what they do.“

Daniel Hnévkovský

Daniel Hnévkovký has been managing director of the Operation Centers in Budweis since 2012

„We are driven by challenges not by routine. Our competence is rooted in our history and our experiences. When it comes to service, our promise is easy: Quality is what the customer wants. But that is not enough. We are constantly working on growing and getting even better.“